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Our Nutritional Policy

Nutritious food is an essential ingredient in the physical well-being, emotional development, cognitive progression and social advancement of all humans. Food and nutrition are valuable learning and sharing components of a quality early childhood program. Food observations, eating habits and cultural/religious meal patterns are reflected in the preferences, expressions and practices of families and contribute to the understanding of people.

Fuji International Kindergartgen uses the food services of ‘Yummy for Little Tummies.’ The food service holds a business license, is accredited and complies with the Food Act 2006. Operates to FSANZ (Food Standards of Australia & New Zealand) and has a HACCP management system (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points). The service delivers fresh food daily and transports food in refrigerated vehicles. ‘Yummies for  Little Tummies’ cater for all allergies, religious and cultural beliefs. 

Upon enrolment, the educators/staff will receive the children’s information as noted on their enrolment form.  there is sufficient communication between the Nominated Supervisor and the family to establish and document on the appropriate forms, information about a child’s eating habits, allergies, food preferences (religious/cultural) health or development factors in relation to specific food groups and snacking/meal schedules.

The information will be shared amongst the educators/staff within the Service to notify them of any allergies or anaphylaxis.This is done through the display of this information in the rooms, on each room’s fridge and in the kitchen. 

Anaphylaxis children have their Plan of Action (with their photo) displayed on each room’s fridge, in the office and staff room. This will ensure that all educators/staff know and can provide the best care for the children’s health, safety and well-being.   It also promotes more awareness for other children and families. 

To promote children’s self-help skills at meal/snack times and include food awareness (taste, colours, etc) of nutrition and health into the program. 

Educators/staff :

  • Will provide information of each child’s daily food intake via the Xplor App. 
  • Parents will be personally informed of any variation of daily eating routine. 
  • Fresh filtered drinking water and clean cups are always readily available. 
  • Educators will supervise all children at mealtimes. 
  • Under no circumstances will force feeding be tolerated or withholding foods as a form of punishment.
  • Correct hygiene procedures enforced at all times and food safety is enforced to supply food that is safe and suitable for children’s consumption.
  • Regular meal times are adhered to. 
  • Additional food provided by the Service for special circumstances e.g. child needing more food or other treat/food for children with allergies during birthday parties.
  • Menu and nutritional policy always available and consultation welcomed.


  • To provide drink bottles of water  Must ensure safe storage and handling of made up formulas for their child(ren) while in transit to the service. 
  • To respect other family’s allergy requirements including anaphylaxis.