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Nurturing a 
love for learning 
in the early years

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About Fuji Kindy

All parents aim for their children to have the greatest opportunity to grow into healthy, intelligent and useful members of society. Early childhood education has an integral part in the development of a human being, which Fuji International Kindergarten specialises in.
At Fuji International Kindergarten we ensure that the time your child stays with us will be happy, successful and rewarding, both for yourself and your child.

We believe this can be best achieved through the cooperation of parents and educators, working together for the benefit of the children. Fuji International Kindergarten recognises and values the contributions children and their families make to centre life by virtue of their background, insights, individual expressions and needs.

All educators work with children to effect worthwhile and significant outcomes from child centred and familial initiatives. The strength of the program lies in a flexible integrated free-flow approach to learning (i.e. that knowledge is linked to exploration, enquiry, investigation, experimentation, discovery, evaluation, recording through play). Knowledge is not acquired in isolation nor is it derived from an adult-directed focus in a structured context.

Planning considers personal well-being and the provision of developmentally appropriate educational and life skill experiences with an aesthetically pleasing, harmonious environment.

All rooms contain some structure to help guide and prepare for the oncoming stages of development.

Educators and management are advocates for the right of children to an ‘unhurried childhood’, free flow academic pressure. The diversity and equity of the curriculum endorses access, to the maintenance of a child’s first language.  The support of additional needs, cultural values, religion and respect for the diversity of families is at the heart of Fuji’s beliefs and practices.