Our Kindergarten

Our Kindergarten


One of the Long Day Care Services on the Gold Coast, where children between the age of 6 weeks to six years, from over 35 different cultural backgrounds, gather together to play and learn.

We implement a developmental and educational curriculum, nurturing and challenging children in all areas of the learning environment. The long term goal is to identity and extend individual competency, yet foster contribution to group endeavour.

To offer opportunities which develop:

* Creative problem solving skills
* An enriched language base
* A regard for relationships
* Mastery and self esteem

Plus we ensure that there is plenty of fun added to enjoy their day, and we organise monthly occasions or special events.

Download our enrolment form here Waiting List Enrolment Application 2016


Fuji International Kindergarten started with three classrooms in February 1992.  Over the years, Fuji has grown to seven classrooms catering for children from the ages of 6 weeks through to  six years. Fuji is the place where children have fun, learn and mix with children from different cultural backgrounds. Most of our educators have been with Fuji Kindergarten for more than ten years.

A Message from Our Director – Mrs Ditas Salmorin


All parents aim for their children to have the greatest opportunity to grow into healthy, intelligent and useful members of society. Early childhood education has an integral part in the development of a human being, which Fuji International Kindergarten specialises in.
At Fuji International Kindergarten we ensure that the time your child stays with us will be happy, successful and rewarding, both for yourself and your child.

We believe this can be best achieved through the cooperation of parents and educators, working together for the benefit of the children. Fuji International Kindergarten recognises and values the contributions children and their families make to centre life by virtue of their background, insights, individual expressions and needs.

All educators work with children to effect worthwhile and significant outcomes from child centred and familial initiatives. The strength of the program lies in a flexible integrated free-flow approach to learning (i.e. that knowledge is linked to exploration, enquiry, investigation, experimentation, discovery, evaluation, recording through play). Knowledge is not acquired in isolation nor is it derived from an adult-directed focus in a structured context.

Planning considers personal well-being and the provision of developmentally appropriate educational and life skill experiences with an aesthetically pleasing, harmonious environment.

All rooms contain some structure to help guide and prepare for the oncoming stages of development.

Educators and management are advocates for the right of children to an ‘unhurried childhood’, free flow academic pressure. The diversity and equity of the curriculum endorses access, to the maintenance of a child’s first language.  The support of additional needs, cultural values, religion and respect for the diversity of families is at the heart of Fuji’s beliefs and practices.


Message from our FounderMr Kazuaki Fujiwara


Many years ago, I was deeply involved with the “International Society for Intelligence Education.” (ISIE) This was the research and education for cultivating children’s intelligence.  Mr. J. P. Guilford was the president of ISIE and also the emeritus professor of psychology in University of Southern California. We worked on his well-known “Structure of Intellect” theory.  I learnt that this intelligence developed when it was stimulated from the outside, from external stimuli. This was only effective for the children under than six years of age (kindergarten age).

Fuji International Kindergarten was established on the realisation of importance of early childhood education.

Fuji offers Japanese Language education, as the learning of a foreign language widens children’s horizons and strengthens the intelligence operation i.e. memory, divergent and convergent production and evaluation of their brains. In a sense it is an intelligence education.

We also offer Tennis and swimming lessons.

There are regular visitors at Fuji throughout the year. They are students, teachers and professors who specialise in early childhood education and foreign language education in Japan. Children at Fuji Kindergarten have the opportunity to practise their knowledge of Japanese language by communicating with them.

We’re all waiting for you to join us at Fuji International Kindergarten and experience what we could offer you.



Fuji International Kindergarten recognises and values the contribution the children and their families make to the centre. We believe that the children will develop a sense of belonging by acknowledging their interdependence with others e.g. their family, cultural group, neighbourhood and wider community.

We focus on the significance of the here and now in children’s lives. We encourage them by planning a program not only to help them prepare for the future but also to help them appreciate who they are now and who they will become.

The service’s program is based on “The Early Years Learning Framework”.  Broad goals have been formulated in conjunction with EYLF to guide the educator’s program. The program takes into account the children’s capabilities, current knowledge, ideas, culture, interests and experiences. Educators work with children to affect worthwhile and significant outcomes from child/centered and familial initiatives. The children’s development is assessed as part of an ongoing cycle of planning, documenting and evaluating. Critical reflection and evaluation of each child and the group is implemented to help further improve the effectiveness of the program and teaching strategies.

The children are the beneficiaries of an anti-bias curriculum which endorses access, equity and maintenance of a child’s first language.  The support of additional needs, cultural values, religion and respect for the diversity of families is at the heart of Fuji’s beliefs and practices.

Programs involve the children in activities that will help develop an understanding and awareness of our Australian Heritage. A community awareness which will enable the child to participate actively in society and therefore become a positive member of the community.

Fuji International Kindergarten believes in and encourages an open door policy, where parents, educators, families and the community are invited to peruse and participate in the daily programs of the service.

Short Term Goals

Long Term Goals

What is Happening at Fuji Kindergarten