Sumire Room (Kindergarten Program)

As teachers it is our responsibility to observe the children in our care to  develop a Care and Educational program that best meets their needs, abilities, skills and development.

Qld Kindergarten Learning Guidelines (QKLG) builds on the Early Years Learning Framework. (EYLF) This helps kindergarten teachers to plan and implement a learning program and to monitor children’s progress 5 days a week throughout the year.

The Sumire room program is based on the interests of the children and intentional teaching to provide experiences in all areas of development. This helps the children become creative thinkers and lovers of learning, as they explore and participate in many different activities and experiences. Thus allowing our children to continue to develop and grow as unique individuals.

We teach the children about our Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders to help them understand our Australian Heritage. We experience different cultures through food, music, activities and visitors to the service.

We challenge and extend on skills to prepare them for the next step towards school. We provide a fun and safe environment to nurture and foster children’s self esteem and development. To learn while having fun!

A brief overview of each section of our centre from Momo, Ume, Bara, Kiku, Yuri and  Satsuki will give you a little more insight into the individual programming relevant to the age of the children.

What is Happening at Fuji Kindergarten