Kiku Room (2.5 years – 3.5 years)

While your child is in our care, we aim to make your child’s day as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. This is achieved by stories, singing, dancing, perceptual motor activities, art and craft, outdoor experiences and most important-FUN.

During the time spent in our Kiku room we will be working towards achieving many goals these include:

•    Basic self-help skills (toileting, feeding beginning of responsibility)
•    Basic knowledge of manners and respect
•    Developing social skills
•    Extending vocabulary
•    Primary colour recognition
•    Counting skills of 1-10
•    Increasing concentrating span
•    Experimentation through a variety of different medium
•    Developing self-worth and confidence
•    Define and promote sentence formation
•    Developing social skills by interaction

A brief overview of each section of our centre from Momo, Ume, Bara, Yuri, Sumire, and Satsuki will give you a little more insight into the individual programming relevant to the age of the children.

What is Happening at Fuji Kindergarten