Extra-Curricular Activities

At Fuji International Kindergarten we offer the following extra-curricular activities:

Japanese Lessons

These lessons are offered in all rooms (except Momo) on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. The children learn basic Japanese words covering numbers, colours, foods, animals and body parts. The lessons are fun and enjoyable with learning done through songs, stories, flash cards and props.

Hot Shots Tennis Lessons (Surcharge applies)

We offer tennis lessons through Hot Shots tennis to the children in Yuri, Sumire and Satsuki. These lessons are purchased in 5 week blocks and paid for directly to our coach. If you would like more information on Hotshots Tennis go to hotshots.tennis.com.au

Rackley’s Swimming Lessons (Surcharge applies)

We offer swimming lessons at Rackleys Swim School to children in Yuri, Sumire and Satsuki. The child are able to go next door to the swim school and Monday and/or Thursday for lessons. For more information on Rackley’s swim school please go to www.rackleyswimming.com.au