November 2018 Newsletter


From the Director …….


Hello Dear Parents, the end of the year is coming too quickly. The sound of Christmas Carols fill the rooms with the children hard at work learning and practicing for our upcoming Fuji Christmas Concert. Our Sumire and Satsuki classes have their hands full while also practicing for their Graduation.

You may have heard your children mentioning Uncle Allan. Uncle Allan is an Aboriginal Elder who has been visiting Fuji kindy once a week for the past month to share his cultural experiences with the children.

Swimming lessons will finish up for the year on Thursday December 6th and Tennis will finish on Tuesday December 4th.

You may have noticed a few new faces around the centre. Please help us to welcome Miss Lotti, Miss Evelyn and Miss Likia. They will be doing some relief work and lunch covers.


Our front security gates will be getting an upgrade in the coming weeks. We will be installing an electronic keypad for extra security to ensure the safety of our Fuji Children and Staff. We will keep you updated with your required PIN number for this. Thank you for your patience.

We have a very busy end of year ahead. Please keep a few special dates in mind:

   Friday November 23—Sumire and Satsuki Graduation at Albert Waterways Community Centre

   Friday November 30—Dress rehearsal for Satsuki children for the Christmas Concert

   Saturday December 1—Fuji Christmas Concert at Robina Community Centre

   Friday December 7—Fuji Christmas Party in each room

Tickets for the Christmas Concert will be on sale from mid November from the Office for $2. This can either be added to your fees or paid in cash. The Christmas Concert program will be put up on display soon.

We will be closed on the following days during the Christmas break-

Monday December 24—Christmas Eve (no fees apply)

Tuesday December 25—Christmas Day (normal fees apply)

Wednesday December 26—Boxing Day (normal fees apply)

December 27, 28 & 31 (no fees apply)

Tuesday January 1—New Years Day (normal fees apply)

We re-open Wednesday January 2.

I have an open door policy, so please come and see me if there is anything I can help you with.



Hello from the Momo room, the Momo children are not babies anymore. Over the last few months we have witnessed the children turning into toddlers. Lots of the children are starting to speak using more and more words each week and are trying their hardest to copy words of their friends and Educators. They have become more independent, wanting to do everything for themselves and at times very stubborn.

The children have enjoyed excursions out into the big playground where they have enjoyed challenging their gross motor skills on the tricky obstacle courses and playing in the sandpit. Momo children have been playing really nice together and have enjoyed playing and exploring new activities and concepts with the educator and expressing themselves through music and art. The children have shown a real interest in the lizards lately and enjoy seeing them over the fence most days, the children are quick to point out the lizard and other wild life around them and have enjoyed seeing the chickens in Yuri room. The children have also enjoyed playing with the dolls and dress ups over the last few weeks. The children take care of the dolls, bathing them, dressing them and feeding them bottles.

The children are doing very well at feeding themselves with spoons and sitting at the table for meal times. The children show great concentration and interest at Group times and enjoy singing felt board songs and action songs with the educator. We will be sad to see the Momo children move up to the bigger rooms next year but cant wait to finish the year off with some fun and exciting activities and prepare the children for their new rooms.

Please don’t hesitate to come and see us. Mrs Jessica, Ms Kirsty and Miss Vanessa


Dear Ume Parents, recently there has been a lot of children in the Ume room that has started toilet training. We start this process by first sitting them on the toilet at nappy change time when the brain and bladder start connecting they then begin doing wee’s and poo’s on the toilet. The next step is to introduce undies. So please pack extra clothes to allow for toileting accidents during this time. During the month of November, the end of year checklists are being conducted and should be ready for you to take home by mid December.

The Ume children have all matured and grown physically, socially, cognitively and emotionally since the beginning of the year. They are now using their self help skills on a daily basis. They are also much more confident when problem solving in relation to their peers. They are showing much more awareness towards their peers likes and dislikes.

The children are much more involved during group times, naming familiar characters and reciting familiar lyrics. They will even request what rhymes and stories they would like to hear. They regularly contribute to different areas of their daily routine.

We have also chosen 2 songs that the Ume children will be doing the actions for our Christmas concert. They are “Dingle Dangle Scarecrow” and Musical Mats. These songs are the ones that the children seem to enjoy the most.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to ask Miss Tina, Ms Shigemi, Ms Yoko and Mrs Mizuho    


Hello Parents, we are so very proud of the children settling in so well into the change of staff that we have had in the Bara room the last couple of months. We welcome Miss Evelyn into Bara room on Tuesday to Fridays.

The children are happily transitioning most mornings, they are confident to say good-bye and are happy following our daily routine. They are loving to do sensory activities– goop, rice play, sand play, play dough and slime. All of these activities are great for growing their fine motor muscles. They also enjoy fun in the tepee, home corner and outdoor sandpit time.

The children are showing enthusiasm at group times to learn their primary colours & shapes and engage well in listening/recognition games.

A few reminders:

¨ Please check nappy supply each day so we don’t run out

¨ Ensure spare sets of clothes are packed in case of water play or accidents

¨ During drop off, please remember to put sunscreen, bug spray and hats on

Please come and see us if you have any questions or concerns, Mrs Katrina, Miss Megan & Ms Yuka


 Dear Kiku parents, we are so pleased to see how far your children have come and all they have achieved. With the end of the year fast approaching, we are focusing on getting the children prepared for next year and are encouraging self help skills. We would appreciate if you could work with us and send your children with shoes that are easy for them to put on and a sheet bag which is big enough to fit all of their belongings easily inside so the children feel motivated to do it and proud of themselves.

We are so happy with the warmer weather and have been spending lots of time outdoors, the children really enjoy challenging themselves in the Yuri yard. Please remember to pack extra clothes according to the weather as we will have lots of water play and messy play outdoors.

Kiku children love sharing ideas and experiences at group times and we welcome anything they want to bring in from home to tell us about their families and culture.

A few friendly reminders:

¨ During drop off, please put sunscreen, bugs spray and their hats on

¨ Please place drink bottle and toiletry bags in the marked baskets provided

If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to have a chat with us. Mrs Tracey,

Mrs Carolina, Mrs Candace and Miss Jade


 Hello Parents, can you believe that it is the end of October. This year is flying. We have been so busy in the Yuri room these last few months as you may have seen. The children wanted to fix and clean up the garden in the back yard. They helped to clean it all up and then they chose which vegetables we were going to grow. They chose pumpkin, cucumber, zucchini, tomatoes, strawberries and silverbeet. They have bee looking it by watering and feeding them plant food. We hope over the next month we will have some veges to cook up and taste. Then from there Tao found an egg shell in the garden one morning, so we talked about what might come out of the egg and this is how we ended up with the chicks.

The children have enjoyed watching the life cycle of egg to chick. They have learnt so much. How to hold and pat them and feed them. Most of the children were able to watch the chick hatching too.

As the weather is heating up, please send in spare clothes as we will be doing water play. Also, please put socks on your childrens feet if they are wearing shoes as we have had a few stinky feet in the Yuri room.

A few friendly reminders:

¨ If you drop your child off after 8.30 we will be in our yard. Please make sure you see one of us before you leave.

Thank you, Mrs Teresa, Ms Shigemi & Mrs Junko


 Dear Sumire parents, in the last couple of months we have been quite busy. We have continued to explore the letters of the alphabet. The children have enjoyed learning about letters and their sounds. Short clips on the interactive white board have helped to emphasise recognition and learning. Numbers, shapes, colours and counting continue to be ongoing learning concepts we explore on a daily basis through games, small and large group activites and in transition times throughout the day. The Sumire children had a great time on their Woolworths excursion. It was so much fun leaving Kindy on the bus and taking a tour through the store to look at and learn more about Fruits & Veges and they get from the farms and into the stores. We are hard at work practicing our songs for both Graduation and Christmas Concerts. The children are sounding pretty awesome and will no doubt ne excited to perform.

Over the last few weeks we have had a few parents question the rest time procedures taking place in Sumire room. Currently we are still resting for a short period of time after lunch. Rest time is a time for the children to lay down and quietly rest their bodies, so they can recharge their engery for the afternoons activities. While we do understand that some children do not need a sleep or only sleep for shorter periods of time, other parents and children are still requesting to have a sleep. To be fair for all children we are encouraging the group to lay on their beds for a short period of time—this means the children still need to bring sheets to kindy. This allows all children to have a quiet ’rest’ time to recharge to cope with the afternoon activities and also maybe reflect on the things that have happened that day. Once the children who are sleeping are settled, children who only resting will be offered quiet activities, such as reading books, doing puzzles or completing school readiness activities either on their beds or at tables while the others sleep. Please feel free to talk to Sumire Teachers should you have any concerns about this or any matter.

We look forward to the second half of the year. Any concerns at all parents, please don’t hesitate to see us. Mrs Kirsty, Miss Karen & Ms Kristen


 Dear Satsuki Parents, we’re nearly at the end of the year. The children have been busy practising for our Graduation and Christmas concert songs. Can we please request that you keep an eye out for any messages, in the next few weeks as we will be informing you about Graduation and Christmas Concert dates, venue and attire.

As you have noticed our classroom had a major change. We have also changed some of our routines and the children are coping well. Thank you for your cooperation with in regard to the changes.

For the past few weeks we have discussed about farms, drought, weather, Halloween, fairy tales and tole playing. At the moment they chlidren are having a lovely time doing drama/role playing of different fair tales.

Some reminders:

¨ Please pack extra sets of clothes in case of water play

¨ Please look for your child’s hat in the morning and remind your child to hang it back on the hat rack upon departure to avoid losing them

¨ Please remember to bring their drink bottles and toiletry bags

Thank you all for your support and cooperation.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to come and see us. Mrs Jean, Miss Karmen, Mrs Juliana and Mrs Nicole


Hi parents, the children have enjoyed learning Japanese through dancing, singing and puppet characters. They especially enjoy the famous Japanese characters Pikachu and Anpanman.

Mrs Yuka M.      


Hello parents, its that time of year when the roles for next year go out. They are on the white board at the entrance of the kindy. We have done our best accommodate for your children’s required days but it always depends on the availability in each room.

Christmas concert tickets will be available for purchase for $2 from us in the office around mid November. Please keep an eye out in the coming weeks for notices around the kindy in regard to our trading over the Christmas period and important dates and events coming up.

Thankyou Mrs Stacey A, Mrs Kerryn and Mrs Stacey E.