July Newsletter


From the Director ……

Hello Dear Parents, I can’t believe it’s already the second half of the year. First of all, thank you all for your co-operation during the transition to Xplor. Please remember every single person who will do any pick ups or drop offs need to have their own PIN. Even if they only pick up or drop off twice a year. You can not use each others PIN, it is like forging someone’s signature which is against the law. If you need any assistance to set up more people with a PIN please see the girls in the office. If the person who will be picking up your child has for some reason changed to what you wrote on the communication form, you are required to call us to advise us of the change. In the coming weeks the Educators will start utilizing more of Xplors features. They will start sending you photos and more information about your child’s day such as meals, rest and observations. This will eventually eliminate the day sheet in each room.

To increase the security here at Fuji we are looking into upgrading our security gates. This will be done by installing electronic token access at our front entrance. We will keep you up to date on our progress.


Parents, the children’s wellbeing is very important. PLEASE HOLD YOUR CHILD’S HAND IN THE CARPARK AT ALL TIMES. It gets very busy and drivers may not see you!!!                                              

ALL Parents, please close the gates behind you !! DO NOT let any child out unless it is your own!!


As of Monday July 2nd swimming lessons will now be $15.50 per lesson per child. This is due to a price increase by the swim school. Swimming lessons are available for children in the Yuri, Sumire and Satsuki classes which are held on Mondays and Thursdays. If you are interested in enrolling your child for swimming lessons, please pick up a form from the office.


Its that time of year again when we have Japanese students come to visit. They will be here between July and September. If you are interested in being a host, please see the girls in the office.


Over the last few months some of our Educators have been giving up their weekends to attend some conferences. They attended the ACA (Australian Childcare Alliance) and the ECTA (Early Childhood Teachers Association) conferences to further their skills and knowledge in the industry.


During the beginning of the year you would have filled out a PEDS (Parents Evaluation of Development Status) form. This form is to monitor the children’s development over time, identify concerns evident to both educators and parent/carer, identify concerns observed at home, in service or both and involving parents increases accuracy in identifying developmental concerns in children. It is very important that these forms were filled out and thank you for doing so.


By now you would have noticed some new faces. Please welcome Miss Po Lam, Miss Courtney W and Ms Leonie who will be doing some relief work and Mrs Yuka who has taken over Japanese lessons. Mrs Mizuho will be going into Ume class five days a week to take over Miss Erica who is leaving us to move to Sydney. We also bid farewell to Mrs Jo last month who was with us for ten years. We wish Erica and Jo all the best for their futures.

I have an open door policy, so please come and see me if there is anything I can help you with.


         MOMO ROOM

Hello from the Momo room, the Momo children are growing too fast. We have had a lot of children turn 1 recently and a few more in the coming weeks. We have seen lots of children take their first step and start walking as well as some children starting to talk and transition to one sleep during the day.

We have also been teaching the children to feed themselves with spoons during meal times and sit at the big table on chairs. The children have been enjoying participating in group times and washing their hands at the sink before lunch. During outdoor play, we have been providing the children the opportunity to play with sand and explore sensory play by exploring cooked pasta, flour and other sensory activities. The children love playing in the sand and have learnt not to put it in their mouth.

The children also enjoyed watching the puppet show, as they danced, pointed and laughed at the different monster puppets. We are excited to see the children grow and learn over the next few months, watching and listening as they continue to develop their gross motor and communication skills.

¨ Please remember to sign your child in and out each day

¨ Put the date on milk bottles and formula

Please don’t hesitate to come and see us. Mrs Jessica, Ms Kirsty and Miss Vanessa


   UME ROOM                     

Dear Ume Parents, we have reached the half way mark and it is wonderful to see how much the children have progressed. The mid year checklists will be available soon for all parents. We hope you enjoy reading them. If you have any questions about your child’s report, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Could we please request that parents only send nappies with tabs on the side and not pull ups. This allows the educators to be more time efficient when changing nappies. We do 36 nappy changes each day in Ume and if we are changing pull ups we need to remove clothing and shoes each time.  

We would also like to inform you about some staff changes. As you may have realised Miss Jade has been moved to Kiku room. This is due to the risks associated with pregnant women and changing nappies. Miss Erica is in the Ume room on a temporary basis as she will be leaving us to move to Sydney in the first week of July. Miss Mizuho will be joining us upon Miss Erica’s departure for the remainder of the year.


If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to ask Miss Tina, Ms Shigemi & Ms Yoko    


     Hello Parents, we have been having lots of fun in the Bara Room.

The children have had lots of new experiences participating in arts, craft and sensory play. We have explored rice, cooked pasta and have practiced our threading, counting and colour skills through craft.

Home corner is still our most popular social activity with the children enjoying role play and pretend play with various props and equipment.

We have really noticed the children’s independence and self-help skills flourish during bathroom and toileting routines and meal times. Soon the children will begin to help make their beds. When the weather warms up we will begin to focus on toilet training for the children who are ready. Please feel free to discuss with us any questions you may have regarding your child’s day. We love to hear your feedback in relation to our program and activities.

I would like to thank the Parents and children of the Bara room for letting me share fun times and experiences with your children. I wish all the children a happy and exciting journey through Fuji kindy and beyond. Mrs Jo

A few reminders:

¨ Please check nappy supply each day so we don’t run out. Ensure spare sets of clothes are packed.

¨ Please place hats back onto the hat rack at the end of each day.

Please come and see us if you have any questions or concerns, Mrs Katrina, Miss Megan, Ms Yuka & Miss Courtney


 Dear Kiku parents, we would like to thank all the parents for bringing in a family photo for our Kiku family tree, the children have enjoyed looking at them and talking about their families to us. The children have settled in well to our daily routine and have enjoyed exploring the room.

The last few months we have been learning about families, communities, bugs and manners. The children are enjoying sensory play, colours, shapes, counting and threading activities. The children are all doing well with their toilet training.

A few friendly reminders:

¨ Please provide a jumper, nappies, undies and spare warm clothes for your children

¨ Please ensure all of your child’s belongings are clearly labelled

¨ During drop off, please put sunscreen, bugs spray and their hats on

¨ Please place drink bottle and toiletry bags in the marked baskets provided


If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to have a chat with us. Mrs Tracey,

Mrs Carolina, Mrs Candace and Miss Jade


Hello Parents, half way through the year, can you believe it. We are well and truly settled in to the routine. Over the past three months we have been very busy. We had a cooking week, where we cooked food from around the world choosing countries that are in our class group. From there we moved onto each countries flags and learnt a little about each of them. This week we will be doing some art from each of them.

We also had a science experiment week, where we made volcanos, hanging gardens, cooked marshmallows using magnifying glasses with the power of the sun and watched white flowers change colour.

A few friendly reminders:

¨ Please ensure your child wears shoes that they can easily put on themselves to promote self-help skills

¨ If you drop your child off after 8.30 we will be in our yard. Please make sure you see one of us before you leave.

Thank you, Mrs Teresa, Ms Shigemi & Mrs Junko


Dear Sumire parents, wow mid year already!!! Time has really flown. We have been having a great time in the Sumire room over the last few months. The children have been busy learning their numbers, shapes and colours. We have had fun investigating different mathematical concepts such as sequencing, sorting objects, opposites, looking at size and also creating patterns.

The children have really enjoyed our colour mixing experiments—watching the daisies change different colours and the walking water experiment were among their favourites.

Safety and Hygiene discussions have formed a large art of group discussions. The children are reminded often about our room rules so we remain happy and safe throughout the kindy day. The group were entertained immensely with the pom pom germs activity that Mrs Kirsty did on Monday and Tuesday recently. The activity helped to emphasise how easily germs are spread and reminded them about the importance of covering our mouths and furthermore washing our hands when coughing and sneezing to prevent germs from spreading.

In saying this, could all parents please ensure that your child has a warm jumper as the afternoons are cooling down quite quickly—please name these clearly 🙂

Thank you to Ms Leonie who has been in Sumire Room whilst Miss Karen was away on Prac.

We look forward to the second half of the year. Any concerns at all parents, please don’t hesitate to see us. Mrs Kirsty, Miss Karen & Ms Kristen


 Dear Satsuki Parents, it is now the middle of the year and the children have shown great development in all areas of learning. They are also becoming more confident in doing the different activities in the room and in interacting with peers and teachers. For the past few weeks, we have learned and talked about Prosocial behaviour, the Children’s Heritage, Aboriginals, Reptiles, Sea Creatures, Creepy Crawlies, Wild Animals, Insects, Dinosaurs and currently about safety in the water, streets and home.

The children are beginning to apply what they have learned during group time into other areas such as in their drawings, blocks and role playing. At the moment, we are still working on their self-help skills, listening and taking turns and perseverance when doing challenging activities.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our parents who worked hard to prepare their Heritage Plates which gave their children a chance to share their background and culture.

Some reminders:

¨ Please pack extra sets of clothes as accidents still happen

¨ Please look for your child’s hat in the morning and remind your child to hang it back on the hat rack upon departure to avoid losing them

¨ Please remember to bring their drink bottles and toiletry bags

Thank you all for your support and cooperation.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to come and see us. Mrs Jean, Miss Karmen, Mrs Juliana and Mrs Nicole


 Hi parents, my name is Yuka. I am taking over Japanese lessons from Mrs Mizuho. My aim it to teach Japanese in a delightful and fun manner. I have been using famous Japanese character puppets Pikachu and Anpanman for singing and dancing. I am looking forward to teaching all the children here at Fuji.        


Hello parents, the new child care payments have started. A lot of parents still have not completed all the requirements, this WILL have an impact on your payments if not completed. We are available in the office if you require assistance. During the next few weeks we highly recommend that you log into your Xplor account/APP to monitor your account balance and if you have any concerns/queries please contact the office ASAP.

Thankyou Mrs Stacey A, Mrs Kerryn and Mrs Stacey E.