February Newsletter 2019

Fuji International Kindergarten Newsletter

February 2019

Dear Parents,

Hello and welcome back for another fun filled year at Fuji International Kindergarten. I would like to wish a warm welcome to our new families joining this year.

I hope you all had a lovely and safe holiday.

Firstly, I would like to thank and acknowledge the parents who attended the parent orientation night last month and I hope the teachers/educators were able to answer all your questions and made you feel comfortable.

I would like to congratulate two of our staff, Mrs Jessica and Miss Vanessa who are expecting their first babies this year.

Please ensure you have set up Xplor on your phone and that each person picking up/dropping off have their own individual PIN. If you require assistance, please see our staff in the office.

Extracurricular Activities:

We are happy to inform you that we obtained our RAP (Reconciliation Action Plan) which is part of the implementation of ASTI (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) cultural awareness which will be added on to our extra-curricular activities once a month.

This year swimming lessons will now be completely taken over by Rackleys Swim School. The children will be directly enrolled with the swim school and will be signed in and out by the staff members at the swim school for each lesson. The parents of the children who will attend swimming lessons will be required to give permission to the swim school to sign out and then sign back in their child from our kindy. The swimming lesson fees will now be charged directly by the swim school and no longer onto our kindy fees. Swimming lessons are on offer on Mondays and Thursdays for Yuri, Sumire and Satsuki classes. For all swimming lesson enquiries please contact Rackleys Swim School Email – robina.admin@rackleyswimming.com.au or Phone 0756 55 3347

Kindi Tennis has already resumed as of Tuesday February 5th with Mr Michael. If you are interested to enrol your child in Tennis please see the staff in our office. Kindi Tennis is on offer on Tuesdays for Yuri, Sumire and Satsuki classes.

At our orientation night we discussed some of the policies of Fuji Kindy. Part of your enrolment agreement is to follow these policies. The following is an outline of a few key ones to keep in mind.

PEDS (Parents’ Evaluation of Developmental Status) Our aim is to help detect and respond to behavioural and developmental concerns in children within our service. Early intervention is key to maximising a child’s potential. This form will be given to you in May, we are seeking your cooperation to answer and submit to your child’s educators as soon as you can.


We cannot cater for sick children, so if your child is sick – Please keep them home. We cannot administer Panadol; we can only administer medication with a proper label with the child’s name and dosage from the chemist.


The department requires for children to have a rest in a bed for a minimum of forty minutes in order to re-energise for afternoon play. If we do not comply with this regulation the kindergarten can be penalised.


  • The Calendar of Activities for 2019 will be in your child’s pocket in their rooms. Important dates and our special events are listed on our Calendar of Activities.
  • For safety reasons only adults are to press the Security Keypad and Exit buttons. Please do not allow other children to exit any gates with you especially into the carpark without their parents.

Car Park Safety

  • Please ensure your ignition is off, no valuables are left in clear view and your car is always locked
  • Always hold your child’s hand while walking to and from your car
  • Drive slowly, look around and use the correct Entry and Exit driveways
  • Do not park in the front staff carparks to ensure you will not be blocked in by other parents
  • It is Australian law that children are always to be seated securely in appropriate car seats while riding in a car
  • Do not leave siblings in the car for drop off or pick up; if it is awkward to carry them, as well as everything else, you are welcome to leave siblings in the care of the office staff while you go to the classroom
  • Please supervise your children around all gates as they are not to swing on them and for the safety of everyone


Fuji International Kindergarten holds no responsibility for any damage or theft which may occur in our carpark. Our CCTV is solely for the safety of the children.

Remember my office is open to everybody.

Kind regards

Mrs Ditas